“The Remarkable Mr. Henry Purcell”

Born in 1659, Henry Purcell was the finest and most original composer of his day. Though he was to live a very short life he was able to enjoy and make full use of the renewed flowering of music after the Restoration of the Monarchy. We hope you'll plan to join us for our third concert of 2014 which will include verse anthems, compositions of the liturgy, the Funeral Sentences and songs for the countertenor voice!

Venue Info

  • Sunday, October 5 at 3:00pm
  • Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  • 2230 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 <map>

Ticket Info

Tickets may be purchased in advance via our ticketing page or at the door on the day of the event.

Students/Seniors $15, General Admission $20. Group Discounts are available at the door!

Detail of stained glass window showing Henry Purcell

David Acres

Director David AcresDavid Acres, Musical Director, joined the choir of Exeter Cathedral, England in September 1960 as a probationer, where he was instructed in music theory, piano and voice by Lionel Dakers, Director of Music at Exeter Cathedral and, then after, Director of the Royal School of Church Music at Addington Palace, Greater London. David was appointed Head Chorister of the Cathedral choir in 1965, and during his tenure became the primary soloist, taking part in multiple recordings and broadcasts (one of which, “Christmas Music”, is still available today!)
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About Us

Contrapunctus is a professional vocal ensemble specializing in the performance of sacred and secular music from the middle ages through the modern era, combining polyphony, literature, art and dialogue to create exceptional music within an historical context. The ensemble will explore the variety and beauty found in a cappella music – from chant to 20th-century, medieval carols to the avant-garde, Contrapunctus is devoted to the creation of delightful programs designed to entertain, educate, and above all to stir the soul.